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szkrv telmx# for 32% odpzzq2
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PostPostano: pet vel 21, 2014 7:45 pm    Naslov: szkrv telmx# for 32% odpzzq2 Citiraj i odgovori

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Every day working with them has been a privilege. hollister parfum socal Jena IreneSong: "Paint It Black" by the The performance: Her phrasing is so affected that it's distracted from her performance. She doesn't seem to find her groove until the last note. The judges say: Jena is one of Jennifer's favorites for her sultry quality. Harry doesn't feel Jena's connection to the song, but Keith thinks she is cool and poised and has the vocals to back it up. Bria AnaiSong: "Wrong Side of a Love Song" by The performance: Her glittering lips, nails and pants reflect her sparkling personality. This girl sings from her hair to her toes and makes us exhausted just watching her. She's great and doesn't waste her chance to shine. The judges say: Harry thinks her passion is way too shout-y (and he gets the first boos of the season), and Keith agrees and tells her not to oversell her natural talent. Jen says, "You have star written all over you" and thinks she's one of the competition's best singers. Marrialle SellarsSong: "Roar" by The performance: Marrialle has the stage presence, but should definitely slow down. We thought she'd own this song, but the melody gets lost and doesn't showcase her vocal talents. Is she losing her voice? Kudos for taking the shoe mishap in stride and working it though! The judges say: Keith says, "Good save!" but thinks her performance doesn't do credit to her abilities. Jennifer wishes that Marrialle played her guitar and kept it simple. Harry tells her to watch her intonation and singing out of tune, and doesn't think she brought her superstardom tonight. Jessica MeuseSong: "Drink a Beer" by The performance: Daughtry makes a good point: The song is so simple, and her vocals are so good that the guitar distracts from her performance. We wish she just stood there and emoted. The judges say: J.Lo loves her tone and hopes she gets a chance to show off her vulnerability. Harry says she tends to go sharp, perhaps because of her nerves, and wants more from her emotionally. Keith also thinks there's a disconnect between the song and performance, but she has potential to really be a storyteller. Emily PirizSong: "Paris (Ooh La La)" by The performance: We believe her rock vocals, but she's a bit too hammy in her performance. Can she do another simple song again? The judges say: Harry once again brings up the lyrics and asks about the appropriateness to her age. But how about her singing? Keith wants her to do away with some of the theatrics. Jen loves Emily and all of her moves. MK NobiletteSong: "All of Me" by The performance: Gorgeous tone and a song choice that's very savvy because it's simple but effective. It doesn't blow the doors down, but it wrenches our hearts, which is even more dangerous. We admit it; we got choked up. Watch out for MK! The judges say: Keith loves her simple vibrato, her humanity, her vulnerability. Jennifer loves the directness of the emotion. Harry says she's an elegant, articulate singer. "You belong here!" he assures her. Remember the cliff-hanger vote between Ben Briley and Neco Starr? Well, America has spoken and Ben is among the Top 15 guys. That was anticlimactic. And now for the final girl of the night... Malaya Watson Song: "Hard Times" by The performance: She's a little out of tune to start but settles into the song really well. She's quirky but her voice is fantastic. And there's something very natural about her. Nice way to end the night. The judges say: Jen says she's epic and a powerhouse singer. Harry wants to stress-eat a donut and more on topic, loves Malaya's energy. Keith thinks it's a bit over the top, but also digs her glasses-braces combo. That means that Brandy Neely, Kenz Hall, Austin Wolfe, Jillian Jensen and Andrina Brogen are out of the running without even getting a chance to sing. Sorry, girls, but at least you got to go to Hollywood and visit the new Idol mega-stage.
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But Arkansas struggled Sunday, recording just three hits - one in the first inning and two in the seventh. Each hit in the finale scored a runner, but five of the team's runs came playing small ball. oakley flak jacket 02/17/2014 03:00:00 PM PSTUpdated:

PostPostano: pet stu 07, 2014 2:01 am    Naslov: RzQRNhbFfbL Citiraj i odgovori

Reply</a> MsVeve</a> February 15, 2011 What a great way to start the challenge again. and I tolltay love the hair! (prolly more envious of that than of the shoes;))just one tiny question: in the last challenge there were like 75 pairs, so you got rid of five pairs before this challenge started? (that makes me a little bit sad, since they had gotten saved in the last challenge.. I hate throwing away shoes, so I just never do. Which is prolly the main reason why I decided to join the challenge:)) Cannot wait for the other posts and the new shoes you've bought:))

PostPostano: sub stu 08, 2014 8:02 pm    Naslov: yWmrYksaChE Citiraj i odgovori

Reply</a> Nithya</a> February 18, 2011 You look incredible! I can't tell elxctay, but you've done something different with your hair, haven't you? Any roads, it looks marvellous. Lucky Shoeperman. I had no one to spend Valentine's day with; that's the disadvantage of being single when all your friends are paired off. Still, I hied off to the stores and bought myself a gorgeous pair of bronze satin stilletos. Happy Valentine's Day indeed. osjuojzmbmx [link=]cozzcak[/link]

PostPostano: ned stu 09, 2014 10:40 am    Naslov: CtlGoHyKtBMhYE Citiraj i odgovori

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PostPostano: ned stu 09, 2014 5:31 pm    Naslov: INvALvDoHkTHaUynT Citiraj i odgovori

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PostPostano: pon stu 10, 2014 4:41 am    Naslov: xfHEKYnxLgUoPUW Citiraj i odgovori

i need insurance car health and dental insurance healthcare insurance liability cheapest insurance life
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